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Letter: Shaheen’s missing ad

Could someone explain to me why Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has not made a commercial about her support for the Affordable Care Act?

A person would think that would have been one of her greatest achievements as a senator, yet she remains quiet. Now she’s running a commercial promising to increase the child-care tax credit.

Why must people who pay taxes have to rely on politicians to give money back to the taxpayer and act like they are helping the taxpayer?

Senator, you act as if you really care about the folks of New Hampshire but in reality you only care about increasing your wealth and power over free people.

To stop the corruption of the real evil corporations (the Democratic and Republican parties), we need term limits. All of the politicians say they want to serve the people. Let’s give them the opportunity.

Politicians should not get paid and should spend limited time in the lobby town of Washington, D.C. If the senator and her ilk truly want to be public servants, then they would have no problem giving up their pay and their elitist lifestyle as public servants. Senator, stop promising to give people something that belongs to them anyway.



Legacy Comments2

Actually, I am more surprised that Republicans aren't hammering Dems and Shaheen more on the ACA. It was supposed to be the big winner for Republicans in 2014 and it is barely mentioned. What happened to "repeal, repeal, repeal"? Must be working and people are happy with it.

Super letter. Democrats....ideas so loved by the citizens ..... they have to make them mandatory

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