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Letter: A list of problems

I believe a limit of two terms for senators and representatives should be implemented.

They would be less apt to become entrenched in what they can gain from their positions. Their job is to represent their district, not their friends and allies.

Also there should be a limit on campaign funding and expenditures.

The president should not be using our dollars to fly around for fundraising for the Democrats – he has plenty of work in the White House that he is not attending to.

The country is in a serious mess politically and financially. Obama keeps printing money, soon he will be out ink.

Companies are leaving the country due to taxes. He wants to raise taxes on all of us, yet he is giving everything free to illegals coming across the border. Welfare recipients should have to work at something – there are plenty of jobs they can do.

Prisoners should also be required to work; they used to make license plates. Unemployment benefits should be attached to mandatory job training. God Bless America. We need it.


New London

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I hope this lady isn't on SS, medicare, or any government benefits. If the Republicans take over the country she can say good bye to them. I am afraid this is another one of BPR's Low Information Republican Voters.

tillie's statement makes her the recipient of the LIDV award of the week. Democrat policies actually hurt those on fixed incomes. If a reader does not know why then you too may be an LIDV of Tillie's scale.

A hodgepodge of tired old clichés! Unemployment contingent on training? Why waste money training somebody who is temporarily laid off and is going back to his job? The tone of the letter implies that we should teach unemployed technical or industrial workers to smile when they ask, "Would you like large fries with that order?" And as for "welfare recipients," what are the suggestions for single moms? Double shifts at the mall? Leave her kid(s) alone or with dodgy strangers? How about leaving them with the uncle whose revolver is left unsecured (Yes, this does happen with tragic results)? Yup, Bausch's letter is a laundry list of problems claiming to be solutions.

Logical common sense suggestions. Good work.

BRAVO - Yes we do need to take the country back.....from liberals

BRAVO, BestPres? Did you miss this part: "Also there should be a limit on campaign funding and expenditures."? But I'll bet you really love this sentence: "The president should not be using our dollars to fly around for fundraising for the Democrats." Bet you'd be thrilled to have him flying around fundraising for your party.

Yippee...its my personal; stalker again - bringing nothing to the discussion.....AGAIN

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