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Letter: It could get worse

I have watched this election process with some interest and despair. With all the problems the country is facing, there is a strong possibility that the governing process will be as screwed up after as it was before.

Well before the any of the polls were closed, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was in the press stating that although the country faces a fiscal cliff, there would be no increases in taxes for anybody as part of the solution. Before the discussion has even started, the GOP is drawing a line in the sand. Congress created this fiscal mess, and Congress will have to develop a solution.

If this is the position of the GOP on this, we will know who to thank as the economy tanks. And if you think that the last four years of recovery have been bad, just wait. It can, and will, get worse.



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That is one way of looking at it. But another way to look at it is that blame does nothing. It does not improve our situation nor does it bring us forward. I find it pretty disturbing that the party that won is still on a war to get rid of the folks who disagree with them. I also find it quite disturbing that the party you elected got elected by keeping information from you with the help of the media. In order to make choices you need all the facts. When your choice is based on information being hidden from you and demonizing folks, then you are not basing that choice on sound judgement. The next 4 years will be a continuation of the last 4. We will be divided more, nothing will get done, and our economy most likely will get worse. Yes you will have ACA but beware, the cost of that will finally be revealed in your taxes, , less places accepting medicare and medcaid, and your health care being one that will be dictated by the govt. And we will see business take more hits from taxes and the EPA. Settle in, we are in for some bad times.

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