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Letter: Boehner embarrasses GOP

The ship is heading toward a huge iceberg that has been in plain sight for weeks. The captains in charge of the ship, instead of compromising on a satisfactory course, are arguing like school children while the world watches in utter amazement! Then they are mad, no longer wanting to play, so they abandon the navigation deck for a few days, disregarding the welfare of the passengers and crew, while the ship continues on its perilous course.

With a $400,000 income compromise on the table, the best House Speaker John Boehner could do was his weak “Plan B” that was lacking in detail and set the income level at $1 million. What? I remember being a proud Republican when the Republican Party was for the conservative working man.

It’s time for Boehner to step aside for the good of his party. He’s an embarrassment!

Please email, call and plead with your reps to stop the political posturing and get this fiscal cliff mess resolved.



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Yo Richard, Why do you assume that anybody in the GOP is even capable of embarrassment?

Your premise is very correct Husker, however, where was your indignation when Bush Jr took us into two unfunded wars? Why were these wars not put the yearly bubget request and only paid for with "emergency appropriations bills? And how about 11 requests for budget cap increases under Bush Jr with most funds attributed to the false pretense war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan? Lets not forget the unfunded NCLB act. Our taxes were lowered all through this. Now the interest on these bills are due and payable. At least be honest with yourself and admit that the consevatives and their policies have had a big helping hand in putting us where we are today. so quit blaming this administration entirely.

when you spend MORE than you take in and you take in MORE than you ever had..... it is a spending problem. If any of you actually believe that increasing taxes will reduce the debt you're crazy. Obama knows one thing... spend spend spend (3 things). Funny how for the last 8 years the libs kept saying that the BUSH tax cuts were for the wealthy, yet these same libs want to keep these BUSH tax cuts for the middle class..... hmmmm..... funny, maybe Pelosi and all you libs had to pass the BUSH tax cuts before you actual knew what was in it.. Look what they say will happen if the BUSH tax cuts go away..... FISCAL CLIFF. Why, because of tax increases. SO tax increases cause a fiscal cliff and tax cuts avoid one. What a concept!!!!!

Thank you Husker, well put. It is amazing how people get sucked in by the Pelosi-Obama-Democrat propaganda. Tax cuts work because when tax cuts are properly applied, they stimulate the economy. People spend that money. The wealthy spend the money on luxury items which are produced by middle class folks working for companies. It is really that simple. The middle class folks spend more and that stimulates the economy. What does not stimulate economy is circulating the same money around which is what government programs seem to do. Progressives know that this is really about wealth redistribution so they really don't care about facts and for that matter, overall economy. You are correct, this is a spending issue.

Hey Itsa, Where is the middle class today in the financial picture? Are we considered middle class if we make less than sixty grand a year? Are we middle class if we make a hundred grand a year? I'm curious if Harry Reid was correct when he accused Boehner of holding off to after his re-election as house speaker. What do you think?

"a huge iceberg that has been in plain sight for" 3 decades - ever since Reagan cut the top bracket rate from 70% to 28%. The debt was barely manageable before that at $930 billion, 35% of GDP. I saw the iceberg back when Reagan campaigned on "cut taxes". Clinton couldn't lower the debt even with the internet boom - because most of the Reagan top bracket was still in effect at 39.6% - plus Clinton had to pay huge finance charges caused by Reagan's tax cuts and spending increases. The top bracket rate of 35% is now half of the 70% rate before Reagan, we're still paying the Reagan finance charges, and Republicans are even cry babying about a measly 4.6% increase to the inadequate Clinton rate. It's amazing how addicted the Republicans are now to the Koch money

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