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Letter: Ayotte seeks the truth

I have to applaud Sen. Kelly Ayotte on her stand on seeking the truth as to what went down in Benghazi, Libya. Since when are we a country that doesn’t protect our citizens? Why are we allowing the terrorist attack on Benghazi that was explained with non-truths by our president, secretary of state and our UN delegate to not be challenged? Is it no longer an American principle to seek the truth? Do we no longer value human life?

Are we going to accept “What difference does it make?” for an answer for the deaths of four Americans? What has happened to Americans? As a veteran I am appalled at such behavior, and for what? To get someone reelected? How much further must we sink?



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Sez who? Faux News? Same guy that said Hagel spoke before Friends of Hamas. You right wingers are so gullible.

Google Hagel / Rutgers / 2007 / Iranian speech to get the truth

Sail, thankyou I did look up the speech and ACTUALLY READ it. Did you or did you just read all the right wing comments on it. It was hard to find the speech among all the Faux blogging, but it makes a lot of sense. But not to people that just can't wait to get into the next war. i don't undrstand, don't you people ever read or watch anything that isn't filtered through Fox? No wonder you were all shocked like Karl Rove when Obama won. What a pitiful sight that was.

you have been proven wrong .....Hagel in Fact spoke to a PRO HAMAS group.....his ideas are NOT in the mainstream........He was a bumbling idiot in the Senate hearings..........did your google search just bring up articles offensive to your perception?

Still waiting to find out the truth about 9/11, How did such a massive attack take place on "home soil" without anyone in the White House, State Dept or intelligence depts knowing about it. Why did Bush/Cheney not believe Clinton's information about Bin Laden and follow through. And where was Cheney all those weeks in his "undisclosed location". What a coward. Five deferments and not a second thought about sending American troops in harm's way with phony information,. Yep I am still waiting to find out the truth. Maybe when Kelly is finished with Hagel she could get herself on tv some more by finding out the truth about 9/11 where 3,000 people died.

Still waiting to find out why Clinton had 4 chances to get Bin Laden and took a pass each time. And of course you Libs do not question that.

You've been corrected on that claim in a previous thread--it's false--and still you repeat it. Cite your fact-based sources--and then be prepared to run a correction.

simple really.....

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