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Letter: Time to support President Obama

It is time to support the president in his battles for social justice and his efforts to help the middle class. We need to contact our senators and representatives and call for a vote. The president needs our help!

We need an immigration policy that will get 11 million people paying taxes to the United States and get them contributing to our society. Presidents George W. Bush and Obama agree on this issue. Let’s get it passed!

It is time for sensible gun laws. There are several issues that need to be voted on as soon as possible. Members of Congress are having an undeserved 10-day vacation. We need to tell them we want a vote on the gun issues!

The president has a reasonable plan to get America back to work by increasing manufacturing jobs and repairing infrastructure. Tell Congress we want action!

Nine dollars is a reasonable minimum wage. It would put the income for a 40-hour week over the poverty line. It would encourage people to choose work rather than handouts. It would give people hope for a better life.

The president needs our help! Take the time to send the emails and make the calls to our senators and representatives. Tell then we want votes on these issues. The opposition may be very loud, but there are more of us. We are the majority and we need to make our voices heard!



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Social justice is an emotional canard created by Leftist to point to perceived inequities without regard for personal responsibility and choices made by individuals.

Perhaps you'd like to tell me what the heck "social justice" is Paul. No one's ever been able to give me a definition that I can understand. If we have JUSTICE - isn't that enough?

Social Justice: Antonin Scalia. I understand he's quite the party guy.

I think the term is used to distinguish it from criminal justice. But you're right - justice is justice, be it social, criminal, or other.

Ahhhhh....perfect for the bumper sticker generation where any 15 second video will do ......." justice is justice"

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