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Letter: Arrogance and stupidity

Ex-legislator, town lawyer and policeman Tony Soltani has been burning our tax dollars in a futile effort to exonerate himself from an act of sheer arrogance and stupidity. Regardless of what his true motives were, he had no authority to interfere in a police chase, putting several lives at risk. Then he had the audacity to fabricate numerous reasons, excuses and conspiracy theories to validate his misdeeds. The cherry on the top was his allegation that a Dodge Neon could outperform a Mercedes and a police cruiser (“Soltani: Moral call to join police chase,” Monitor front page, Feb. 20).

Who did he think he could bamboozle with his smoke-and-mirror routine? He was extremely fortunate that the jury didn’t find him guilty on all charges. (I suspect jurors took pity on him as a deeply disturbed individual). So now Soltani has announced that he will appeal the verdict, thereby wasting more of our tax dollars, which could be applied to legitimate cases.

I suggest he familiarize himself with a quote from Robert Blake’s old TV show, Baretta: “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”


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