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Letter: Send Munyenyezi to Rwanda

I agree with the Rwandan ambassador: Now that Beatrice Munyenyezi has been convicted of immigration fraud, we should immediately send her home to Rwanda before any more ridiculous, and expensive, appeals are filed (“Ripples spread from Munyenyezi verdict,” Sunday Monitor front page, Feb. 24).

She has been convicted of defrauding our immigration laws. This does not warrant further debate. Send her back and let her defend herself in her mother country, where these atrocities took place.

I can’t believe Judge Steven McAulife is even considering putting her in jail for 10 years before deporting her. Common sense dictates that McAuliffe should immediately deport her and let her country proceed with the more serious criminal charges she is being accused of. The end result will be the same. Why should we continue to support her for 10 years in our prison system, then deport her?

It would be much more cost effective to buy her a first-class plane ticket home.


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