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Letter: Contemptible cartoon

Mike Marland’s cartoon characterization of Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s response to the Benghazi, Libya, slaughter – and to the issue of possible protection of details surrounding it – in the Feb. 19 Monitor is contemptible.

I suppose that is, to some degree, what we expect from committed editorial cartooning. Alternatively, it might be editorially said that the deaths of these people, and the impact upon their families and perhaps to our diplomatic establishment, are profoundly consequential and deserving of respectful consideration.

And so some of us might ask: “Mountains and molehills, Marland and Monitor? Please responsibly and cogently identify the “molehills” in this tragic context.

Some of us might also say, “Thank you, Sen. Ayotte, for at the very least an alternative committed voice.”

Why is such an insistent ideologue as Marland – in the face of virtually any social or political issue or outcome – the only editorial cartoonist voice of the news in the newspaper of our capital city? Are editorial cartoonist alternatives remotely worth a look? How much should a diverse and interested reader population care?


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I don't think he was saying the 4 deaths were a molehill. I think he was saying the confused communication after the deaths was a molehill.

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