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Letter: Strange bed fellows

What do a Republican, a Libertarian and a couple of Democrats have in common? They are all sponsoring a bill that would legalize the growing of hemp. Good for them! Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul have teamed up with senators from Oregon to federally legalize hemp.

This plant is an unbelievable example of nature’s gifts to mankind. It can produce clean fuel, a high-quality protein for animal and human food and one of the best edible oils that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp can be converted into lubricating and fuel oils, plastics, building material, clothing and paper. It can be grown in just about any environment and requires little attendance or pesticides.

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of hemp products. Hemp is grown just about everywhere in the world – except the United States, where it is still illegal. Why? The hemp laws were motivated by special interests, namely Dupont, the lumber industry and William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate who happened to own lots of forests!

Kentucky, which used to be the hub of hemp growing in these United States, is once more poised (with the help of McConnell) to take the lead in hemp growing. What a boon to our economy, not to mention the jobs it will create.


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If Mitch McConnell is behind it, it is necessary to ask who is behind Mitch McConnell. Industrial / commercial hemp is a great idea, but you can bet your last nickel that the only reason McConnell favors it is that one or more of his corporate cronies has a plan to monopolize it.

Go Earthling !!!!! Liberty$me (Liberty4 me) fantasy Land quickly crumbles. lolololololololol NHD & The Pack

Rand Paul 2016. Peace, Liberty, and balanced budgets. Anybody have a problem with balanced budgets? I don't.

If Rand Paul wants a balanced budget, why would he have an R next to his name? Reagan 189% debt increase, GHWB 56% debt increase, W 89%debt increase. Obama so far 55% debt increase while still paying for half of the ongoing Reagan tax cut (the main reason for Reagan, GHWB, Clinton, W, and Obama debt increases). The Koch brothers are most likely raking in about $5 million/day from the remainder of their Reagan top bracket tax cut from 69.125% to the current 39.6%. And 1/3 of Obama's deficit is a result of all the finance charges on the Republican tax cut debt buildup. I have no problem with a balanced budget, as long as it is balanced substantially with higher taxation on incomes of the wealthy, like the Koch brothers who spend hundreds of $millions every election cycle effectively duping math challenged voters into voting for GOP puppets to hand out even more tax cuts to the wealthy by ripping off SS, Medicare, and the kids. Good luck to Rand Paul on legalizing hemp though. While he's at it why not end the Republican trillion dollar war on drugs - sounds like liberty, freedom, cut spending, - most of what the free stater Libertarians seem to get themselves all hyped up about.

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