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Letter: Choose wisely, Weare

This year Weare voters again will have a chance to vote Yes and more than likely increase their December tax bill. The selectmen have in recent years written separate warrant articles for the Capital Improvement Program. These items were once all combined into one article and one dollar amount, until the dollar amount got too large –which perhaps may have caused the article to fail.

This year there are seven separate CIP articles (Nos. 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20) with a combined sum of $387,579. I requested of the selectmen that perhaps in their mailer they identify those CIP items to better inform voters as to what they would be voting on. This was not done. Perhaps the dollar amount is too big. A defense can be made that seven separate articles gives the voter a choice of what to vote on and how they wish to vote. Likewise, a defense can be made that by not identifying the seven CIP items, the selectmen are thwarting the voters from adding the dollar amount and maybe choosing which items, if any, deserve their tax dollars.

How do you choose if you are not well informed?

The message is the same for both the schools and town budgets: Be informed and choose wisely. These taxes are not the only obligations we are paying. Come December other living expenses may continue to increase, as they already are. On March 12 the choice, as always, is yours.


Legacy Comments1

"How do you choose if you are not well informed?" I dunno Frank, why don't you tell us? You've been doing it for decades.

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