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Letter: Obama the flimflam man

The Monitor editors threw a journalistic temper tantrum over Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s principled stand against President Obama’s sequestration scheme concocted by Jack Lew, Rob Nabors and yes, Obama (“Sequester is doing more harm than good,” Sunday Monitor editorial, Feb. 24).

Obama, arrogant and demagogical, threatens cuts that will devastate first responders, air traffic controllers, etc.

The 2012 Government Accountability Office waste and duplication report identified $215 billion in waste and “extensive federal duplication” in 51 areas of government. The sequester will only cut $44 billion from our budget. Last Thursday the GAO revealed another $44 billion in improper Medicare and Supplemental Security Income payments. That would cover all of the sequestration cuts.

Twenty-one thousand out of 2.15 million federal employees will face four-week furloughs. About 215 of those folks would not have to be furloughed if instead of jetting to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods on the taxpayer dime Obama had just led by example and saved taxpayer money in a bad economic time. Four hundred seventy-eight additional federal employees would not face furloughs if Obama cancelled his next $4 million trip to Hawaii. Obama talks about us “sacrificing,” failing to lead by example at every turn. This is a sign of a poor leader, a small, selfish man.

Obama got his tax increases on the wealthy but “balance” stopped there. He is now playing the role of flimflam man; again pointing the finger of blame; slithering like a snake, to avoid responsibility.

The GAO reveals that government is inefficient. Ayotte is correct and our other representatives in Washington should lead rather than play ideological games.

The Monitor? There is a collective ideology there but it appears that there is no collective conscience and little intellectual honesty.



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