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Letter: Sunday screed

With the disinterest I usually reserve for her Sunday screed, I read Katy Burn’s column on the National Rifle Association (“Enemies galore!” Sunday Monitor Viewpoints, Feb. 10).

I have two questions. First, what is she trying to say that has not been said before? Second, what interest does the Monitor expect to get from her partisan wanderings? She has a point of view that should be respected, but how many times does she have make the point? Also, as a failed high-school debater, I recall the coach insisting the subject is far more important than the speaker. Name-calling may be Burns’s excuse for reporting. I hope the Monitor subscribes to a higher standard. One positive part of Burns’s column was the use of the multisyllabic word “truculence.” One dictionary definition describes it as “harsh and scathing.” Was she inadvertently describing her reporting method?



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It's called "piling on" Don.

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