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Letter: Eureka! The Joy Discount!

What a great concept that Pembroke resident has about teachers’ pay. As reported by Bridget Lee (“In Pembroke, lack of support for teachers,” Monitor letter, March 13), a citizen objected to a pay increase for teachers because they love their work.

That’s an idea that could end poverty as we know it – universal implementation of a Joy Discount. Start with our top business executives, the folks with their company planes and staggering compensations that can be as high as 400 times the average pay for workers who slave for them. You bet they love their jobs. They’ll still love them even if salaries and stock options combined were only 50 times average, maybe 20 if they still get to tell underlings where to go.

There could be some problems figuring this discount, but it’s doable. Just count the folks who would be willing to take the top jobs and throw in a few fudge factors. No, wait, manipulating performance figures was how the 400-1 distortion happened.



Legacy Comments2

Brilliant letter Richard! And TCB, those teacher salaries . . . they're a heckuva lot lower than those of the business execs that Richard mentions in his letter!

Richard, Help me put his in perspective. What are some generalization on teacher salaries? Novices range? Mid-career? Senior staff?

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