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Letter: I’m no fear-monger

It seems that I stirred up a little dust with my resolution at the Boscawen town meeting.

The article published in the Monitor (“Boscawen quarrels over school program,” front page, March 13) was accurate and well written, but I would like to make a few points in the interest of clarity.

My resolution asked only one question of the residents of Boscawen: Are you in favor of requesting a full accounting of cost and revenue and the sources of that revenue for the IB program? Is that so bad? Remember transparency?

After I presented my resolution, a motion was made to table it. So much for transparency. Luckily it failed.

Suddenly, I was accused of being some sort of fear-monger and trying to fuel conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but at the same time I don’t think that a U.N.-founded educational program belongs in our schools without being under extremely careful scrutiny. It is possible not to believe in conspiracy and still have legitimate concerns. Plenty of good information, both pro and con, is available on the internet and in print.

Further in the article I was accused of saying that there was some sort of conspiracy or cover-up by the school administration or school board. I am trying to be polite when I state that is an absolute fabrication. It was stated that printing the IB report would be too costly and cumbersome. Really? The entire budget for the Merrimack Valley School District ($37 million) takes just six pages.

Then I pointed out, “Just remember who didn’t want you to know” – a valid point. After that came school board member Lorrie Carey’s rant, embarrassing and unbecoming. Now the question becomes: Is this the representation we want on our school board and in the Legislature?



Legacy Comments3

Mr. Murphy's letter is factually incorrect in stating that IB is "UN founded". It is not. But linking IB and the UN together is unfortunately a useful recruiting tool for those who see the UN as part of a vast and sinister conspiracy to take over the world. The Wikipedia entry on IB states: "In the mid-1960s, a group of teachers from the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) created the International Schools Examinations Syndicate (ISES), which would later become the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).[7] The IB headquarters were officially established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1968 for the development and maintenance of the diploma programme which would "provide an internationally acceptable university admissions qualification suitable for the growing mobile population of young people whose parents were part of the world of diplomacy, international and multi-national organizations" and offer internationally standardized courses and assessments for students ages 16 to 19." IB is an NGO of UNESCO, along with over 380 other organizations, like the International Booksellers Org., Dyslexia International, Shoah Memorial, and Rotary International. IB's tangential association with UNESCO is something to be proud of: UNESCO's motto is "Building Peace in the Minds of Men and Women". Lest we forget: the United Nations had its birth on our soil, in San Francisco in 1945, following the horrors of WW2. FDR coined the term "United Nations" in 1942 to represent the Allied nations fighting the Axis powers. The UN now is mainly an aspirational concept: its high ideals were stifled by Cold War realities. Today it is ineffective and disorganized, though many of its documents and studies represent cutting edge science and environmental concerns. But UNESCO and the UN have nothing to do with curriculum development at IB schools. Here in NH, schools develop curriculum using standards developed by NHDOE. As Grant Bosse put it, and contrary to what its fringe opponents claim: "adopting IB would not subject students to international governance or brainwash them in socialist dogma."

Thanks for your courage, Bill. Any reasonable person would want the same, but ideologues employ Alinsky tactics at every turn. Ridicule and demonize in order to minimize any opposition to the progressive dreamscape Utopia.

You just got a taste Bill of what happens when you question a liberal. You will be accused, called names and told that you are fear mongering. That is how transparency is done on the left. How dare you ask for info. Who do you think you are a taxpayer!

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