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Letter: Hassan is right

I praise Gov. Maggie Hassan for what she is doing for the state. I’m for gambling. I go once in a while down to Connecticut. Rockingham Park in Salem is a great place to have a casino. We used to go there in the 1950s to bet on the ponies every Saturday. The state was doing very well then. So wake up, people, let’s have gambling again. I would love to meet the governor in person some day.



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I don't mind the casino idea. Use the money to repair the damage that was done to NH's mental health care, hospitals, UNH, etc. after the economy crashed into a TARP for the banksters (while Dubya must have been hiding under the bed reading picture books). Then vote for Democrats in the next election to stop Republicans from forcing Claremont to pay 18 times the local education tax rate of New Castle (highest per capita income town in the state) by spreading around the proceeds from a NH individual Income Tax.

jonstah's offering: Nice try !

I agree with Itsa, put an earmark for education for the revenue it brings in. Mr. Breagy, I'm sorry for your health situation, I didn't mean to leave anyone out on a limb. The elderly folks that I know who have recently retired do go to Foxwoods and the Mohican Sun Casinos and enjoy them every month.

Jonstah: "a casino for the retirees especially the elderly"---how about those who are bed ridden ?

History by M.L. Chagnon : " NH was doing very well in the 1950s--- " so therefore --wake up people "

I think we should have a casino just for this reason, to make it convenient for the retirees, especially the elderly, to have a place locally to enjoy their guilty pleasure, gambling. They've worked their whole lives to enjoy their retirement why should they have to go out of state to do that. It's their retirement.

Gambling can't hurt but let's earmark gambling revenue for education and not roll it into the general fund.

Anybody , I say ,anybody that counts on money they don't have needs to start all over again. Obama is the best example of that.

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