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Letter: Wrong day for a parade

A beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Watching Channel 9 News, I hear that Manchester’s (and I guess the “official” New Hampshire) St. Patrick’s Day celebration is to be held next week. The event coordinator said she felt we would “lose out” trying to compete with Boston’s parade and festivities.

Come on, man! Next Sunday is March 24. I can’t think of any reason to drive from Grafton to Manchester next weekend but on St. Patrick’s Day, I would. Who placed this woman in the position to make this decision? Next week! I don’t know anyone up here who would consider driving all the way to Boston for a parade when we could have one on the proper day in Manchester or Portsmouth or even Warner. Maybe next year.



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Where do they get these people? Only justification would be if the parade coordinator was a volunteer. There is no way Manchester could ever compete with Boston regarding a St Paddy's Day Parade. Boston has a polulation of 625.600, Manchester 109,000. Daniel is right, how many folks will participate next week? The whole point of St. Pats day is to have it on that day, celebrate being irish, some bar hop and others just eat corned beef. Geeze

As someone who has participated in many town parades through out the new englnad area, the tradition has held. Major cities get the holiday and smaller towns schedule to avoid conflict. If Manchester where to compete against Boston for St Patty's day parade they would lose money majorly.

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