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Letter: Nice sentiment, wrong venue

On March 30 at 2 p.m. a “Welcome Home to Vietnam Veterans” ceremony will be held at the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen. Why is such a ceremony being held here? It should be held on Main Street, not hidden away at a cemetery!

I am sure that no ill will was meant. But to honor the Vietnam veterans, more thought should have been given to the venue of this event. We Vietnam veterans need to be honored and welcomed home on the Main Streets of America, not in a cemetery. We are all getting older now, and we will be there soon enough.

Want to welcome us home? Welcome us anywhere but in the cemetery. We have been hidden long enough!



(The writer is a disabled Vietnam combat veteran.)

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I agree also. Veteran's Day honors our fallen soldiers. State House sounds perfect to me.

I have to agree with Mr. Constantin. These Vietnam Veterans deserve to be Welcomed Home, but at the Cemetery? I think not. They should be Welcomed Home at the State House. My deepest respects to you Sir, Welcome Home! And a job well done! Thank you for your service.

This venue is perhaps more inclusive, Jim. Thank you for your service.

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