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Letter: Connecting the dots

Grant Bosse’s Viewpoints column, “Obsession with the Koch brothers clouds the left” (Sunday Monitor, March 17), should have mentioned the harmful climate change disinformation campaign practiced by the Koch brothers. This is the most egregious of their hobbies.

The Kochs have contributed at least $25 million to various anti-climate science think tanks, including the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, the Pacific Research Institute, the Tax Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute, all designed to disseminate misinformation about anthropogenic climate change.

Even with their so-called “good” acts, the Kochs twist the truth behind the scenes, as in a Koch-funded Smithsonian Institute exhibit on the “Evolution of Man.” Here, it is implied that climate change is helpful, as it has led to man’s progress in the past. However, the current rate of climate change is some 100 times faster than any previous natural cycles, making climate change adaptation extremely unlikely.

Two other recent articles in the Monitor scream of harmful climate change impacts, for those who can connect the dots. The first, on Saturday, was an article on Whaleback Mountain, “Debt forcing ski mountain to close.” It notes that “unusual warm snow seasons in recent years” have contributed to the losses. As climatologists will confirm, this is the new norm. Temperatures will continue to rise, fueled by our burning greenhouse-gas-generating fossil fuels.

The second climate change-related article, in the Saturday Monitor, was about Australia, entitled, “A rich, inclusive culture.” Whereas climate change is mentioned several times, the author fails to link recent floods, droughts, heat and crop failures there to climate change.

Instead, he lauds Australia’s mining industry for contributing to Australian prosperity, while failing to note that burning Australia’s coal fuels both local and worldwide climate disruption.



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google ....IPCC Head Pachauri acknowledges ‘No warming for 17 years’........New Report: 'Extreme Weather Report 2012': 'Latest peer-reviewed studies, data & analyses undermine claims that current weather is 'unprecedented' or a 'new normal'........New Report: Global Temperature Standstill Is Real Date: 15/03/13 The Global Warming Policy Foundation.....Even Scientists Are Cooling On Climate Change Date: 21/03/13 Anne Widdecombe, Daily Express

Environmental issues are not my strong suit but the evidence to back up man-made climate change is overwhelming--as far as I can tell. My understanding is that well over 90% of scientist who have studied the issue have concluded that man is, in fact partly responsible for climate change. But do we really need scientists to tell us this? Can we not all notice the strange weather patterns over the last decade? Now, I do think that the EPA and other environmental agencies are too stringent in some aspects. Some common sense checks would be welcome……….But I also can't help thinking that if the link between tobacco and cancer were just discovered today instead of 50 years ago, business interests would be hard at work lobbying Congress to reject the science.

Here's one example of how the Koch machine operates, distributing just a fraction of the Reagan and Bush tax cuts: Koch Industries’ political action committee--KochPAC--bundles contributions from Koch employees and their spouses. KochPAC spent a total of $7.27 million since 2006: $2.04 million in the 2006 cycle, $2.58 million in the 2008 cycle, and $2.64 million in the 2010 cycle. From the beginning of the 2006 election cycle, KochPAC spent more on contributions to federal candidates and committees than any other oil-and-gas sector based PAC. For that period, Koch Industries and its executives spent $5.06 million compared to next three biggest contributors: Exxon ($3.56 million), Chevron ($2.62 million), and Valero ($2.33 million).

"The Kochs have contributed ...... to various .... think tanks, including" the Joshia Bartlet Center, the think tank where Grant Bosse does his Right Wing thinking(?) The Kochs have been dishing out millions to all sorts of Right Wing groups through money funneling organizations, like the Claude R. Lambe Foundation - Scroll down to 2011 "Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy: $3,500 for "Educational Support". I asked Grant Bosse to provide a list of contributions to his JBC so I could do some cross checking to all the Koch money funnels, but no reply to my request from Grant. Meanwhile the Kochs are likely still receiving the equivalent of about $5 million per day (my estimate based on their $62 billion of wealth) in ongoing Reagan trickle down tax cuts - tax cuts that were put in place by Reagan with the help of Koch associate William Niskanen* who was Reagan's economic advisor. I wonder if the Kochs were busy back in 1981 funneling $ to the Reagan campaign. Spell check wants me to change "Niskanen" to "Insane", which would probably be correct.

seems to me that the misinformation coming out of Gore's mouth rivals the effluence from a New Jersey scum swamp.

Thanks so much for pointing out the anti-climate change funding by the Koch brothers.

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