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Letter: Offensive advertisement

I was extremely disgusted by the Cohen & Winters law firm’s “Top O’ the Morning: Had a rough night?” advertisement in Sunday’s paper – the morning of St. Patrick’s Day – with the kelly green border and shamrock, advertising legal help for DWI. It showed an extraordinary ethnic bias – after all, this wasn’t the morning after New Year’s Eve!

Although my name is Murphy, I do not have a drop of Irish blood but would be proud if I did. In addition, I cannot think that someone of any ethnicity should be proud of offering to help someone (for a fee) beat charges of DWI and avoid any kind of punishment meant to deter driving under the influence, and possibly the next time murdering or maiming someone in an automobile accident. Shame on you!



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A super ad and it did just what advertizing is suppose to do....can anybody remember any other ad published that day?

Oh my Lord, I too was offended by the ad was actually thinking of calling the law firm but thought maybe I was oversensitive. I have 100% Irish blood and definitely thought it was offensive. My husband had no Irish blood and also thought it offensive.Also as an aside none of the ads in the paper used a picture of an authentic shamrock, they used four-leaf clovers. Not what St. Pat used to teach the pagans about the Trinity. Maybe I am a little over sensitive.

I too, was annoyed by the ad. Putting aside the ethnic connection, is it any different than other ads run by lawyers offering help to "beat the IRS", "save your assets from going to a nursing home"? If it's legal, it's allowable.

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