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Letter: Good for a laugh

Thanks for the good laugh you people up there provide us down here in Florida!

On the same day that the New Hampshire House votes “nay” on casinos, it votes “hell, yes!” on marijuana use! Ergo, you’d rather have your good citizens high on weed, sloshed on booze (which you provide via outlets at the border of all your neighboring states). You support gay marriage, abortion, topless dancing, porn shops, bingo, lottery ticket sales, horse and dog racing and even little hidden mini-casinos like those in Manchester and Milford! My native state of New Hampshire has truly earned its pet name, “Hypocrite of New England”! Hilarious, truly hilarious!


Lakeland, Fla.

Legacy Comments2

So true. NH, who started state-run gambling in 1964, so far has refused to join 40 other states allowing casinos, finding every excuse it can dig up to say no. Strangely, none of those other 40 states regret it. This is also as hilarious as it's property tax system, where nowhere else on the planet can you find a place that relies primarily on property taxes for its government revenue. Well, at least folks I've talked to in other parts of the country think it's funny.

Ahem! Lou, Lou, Lou . . . are you serious? You live in FLORIDA and you have the nerve to claim that NEW HAMPSHIRE is awash in strip clubs and adult bookstores?!?!?! REALLY?!?! Do you ever venture outside your home in Florida?!?!? I've been there and believe me, there's a lot more smut in FLA than in NH. And your lumping in of gay marriage - sandwiching them in amongst all those other "evils" - was too cute by half. You cannot compare the right of two people who love each other to form a lasting bond with one another, or the rights enshrined in the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade - to addictions like gambling, drugs, etc, etc. You are quite welcome to stay down in FLA with those sort of views - good day to you Sir!

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