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Letter: Too much gas

The Monitor’s Page A4 headline on the March 21 Associated Press report (“Power grid chief: Too little natural gas”) was off the mark. The power grid chief was not warning of too little gas, but too much; too much dependence, that is.

As a region, New England has become overly dependent on a single source of fuel: natural gas, for both electricity and heating. The situation is serious.

To ensure electrical reliability and economic stability, we must work to maintain and grow a diverse energy portfolio, including a variety of renewable energy sources – such as hydro, wind, biomass and solar.

We believe the Northern Pass project, which will transmit the same amount of clean hydro-electric energy as three mid-sized natural gas plants, will be a significant step in the right direction.



(The writer is a spokesperson for the Northern Pass project and for Public Service of New Hampshire.)

Legacy Comments5

I'm still waiting to hear back from Mr. Murray on who is going to pay for the cost of permanently relocating everyone after a Fukushima meltdown at Seabrook. Is the evacuation radius 50 miles now (which includes Boston)?

If there is too much "dependence" on natural gas in New England, perhaps Mr. Murray can explain why Northern Pass's sister companies in Connecticut and Massachusetts are simultaneously telling potential customers to switch their heating to natural gas because natural gas is "abundant", "cheap" and "reliable." Go on line and take a look at what NStar Gas and Yankee Gas are telling the consuming public in order to induce them to spend thousands of dollars converting their home and business heating systems from oil to natural gas. Your parent company, Northeast Utilities, can't have it both ways, Mr. Murray. Someone is fibbing.

Too Much Gas - or Too Much Northern Pass? Only Northern Pass could spin the best thing to happen on the American energy scene in a long time (clean burning, inexpensive, abundant natural gas) into the threat of blackout armageddon if we don't import hydropower from Quebec. ISO-NE has indicated that there are market solutions to the natural gas supply problem, and they've already begun to file them with the federal authorities. What Murray doesn't say is that abundant natural gas makes Canadian hydropower uneconomic. Northern Pass is already a white elephant. Don't fall for it. If fuel diversity is needed, we certainly don't have to burden NH with all the collateral damage that comes in the Northern Pass baggage.

BOSTON (AP) — The chief executive of New England’s power grid manager warned Tuesday that a growing regional dependence on natural gas, combined with supply constraints, is threatening its ability to guarantee electricity whenever and wherever it’s needed......needless to say windmills do NOT offer any solution to the problem but Northern Pass does. Northern pass is a national security issue - BUILD IT NOW !

BUILD IT NOW? Underground you mean...

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