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Letter: A fuller picture of me, and MV

It was unfortunate and disappointing to read my own name in the Monitor Saturday morning on the front page (“MV students arrested at dance”).

Consistently Merrimack Valley High School is known for incidents that do not benefit our community: the bus tires two years ago, gun threats, students being arrested for underage drinking, etc. Though these events are newsworthy, none of the beneficial and helpful events that take place at Merrimack Valley are recognized.

Senior Project Showcase took place last week, the canned food and shoe drive this past fall, the Zumbathon Saturday. There are various other activities that bring our community together as a whole. It is unfair that the one mistake I have made in my high school career had to be publicized for public entertainment.

Though the article included the wrong choice I made, it didn’t mention that I am an honor roll student in the top 10 percent of my class, that I am an applicant to the Advanced Studies Program at St. Paul’s for this summer (but will most likely not be granted acceptance due to public news), a two-season varsity cheerleader who works part time and gives back to my community by volunteering at my local community center.

Enjoyment of others’ misery is behind the article as a whole. As if I have not dealt with enough at school and at home, this does not aid in the healing process. Though I understand that this perhaps had to be written about, omitting names would have made this less painful, seeing as only three of the six were legally allowed to be included.



Legacy Comments2

It appears that you haven’t grasped the most important lesson that there are always consequences to your actions. I find it troubling that you have convinced yourself that you have become a victim. It’s easy to blame others for your misfortunes but only you are responsible for what happens in your life. Drop the “poor me” attitude and deal with it. Hopefully, you are now smarter than you were a week ago.

Hmmm...I suggest if you don't want your name in the papers again, don't engage in the activities that are sure to put it there.

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