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Letter: The problem isn’t the publicity

I take issue with the tone of Emma Hamilton’s letter regarding the report on the alleged illegal drinking that took place on school grounds at Merrimack Valley High School (“A fuller picture of me, MV,” Monitor, March 26).

Regardless of whether you are in the top 10 percent of your class, or whether you do attend St. Paul’s School’s Advanced Studies Program, on that night at that moment the police saye you made a choice to break the law. That is a public record that any newspaper would deem important to report.

Furthermore, if you want to be remembered as the hardworking, responsible person that you are, writing a letter to complain that you might not be accepted at St. Paul’s due to the publicity, rather than your apparent choice to break the law, does nothing to add to the public opinion of all of this.

Quite frankly, I think MV is a great school, and my knowledge of that is because of the reporting of the Concord Monitor staff. Your choices do not change my opinion in any way – at least not of the school.



Legacy Comments1

Excellent letter. There are consequences to the choices you make. Perhaps this will be a lesson that these students would never learn at St Paul's or elsewhere. Hopefully, it is a life lesson that will stick with them and make them more responsible adults.

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