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Letter: Fire Shaheen in 2014

Have you noticed it? A steady drumbeat of meritless attacks on our outstanding senator, Kelly Ayotte, perpetrated by Democratic activists like National Committeeman Peter Burling. Why would Burling and his ilk attack such a fantastic senator? The Democrats’ war on competent, independent women, yes, but more important they are trying to distract New Hampshire voters away the poor performance of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, aka “Jeanne Jeanne the Spending Machine.”

New Hampshire is a moderate state, but Shaheen was rated the 19th most liberal senator, more liberal than Sens. Chuck Schumer, John Kerry or Patrick Leahy, all from extremely liberal states. Shaheen will raise the debt on our children approximately $8 trillion before we fire her in November 2014. We will fire her because from the minute she took office she has grown government, while the economy and her constituents struggle.

Shaheen and her party haven’t passed a budget in nearly four years when it is their job to do so. If we didn’t do our job, we would be fired.



Legacy Comments1

For years, Democrats have championed women, unless of course, you are a Republican woman. Democrats have championed African Americans, unless of course, you are a conservative African American. Democrats have championed Hispanic Americans, unless of course, you are a conservative or Republican. This is how Democrats, liberals and progressives roll. They play to minorities and special interest groups but their interest is strictly about maintaining power and win elections. Honestly, most of them really don't care about the people, it is all window dressing. The attacks on Ayotte are hyperbole aimed at low information voters who get their news from sites which validate their own opinion. It is quite evident that as much as they call for unity and 'reaching across the aisle', their agenda is the politics of personal destruction. Ideology trumps just about everything to progressives from freedom to liberty to honesty to the best interest of the American people. Hopefully, people will wake up. Kelly is a principled leader. Shaheen is a rubber stamp for Obama.

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