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Letter: The dangers of marijuana are real to my family

For those who approve of marijuana being legal, how would you like to have been in my shoes on April 3, 2011?

I received a call from Orlando Regional Medical Center that my son was in the emergency room. A doped-up man had hit his car, and the horrific impact of the drugged driver going 63 mph through a stop sign caused my son’s heart to take a blow. An expert cardiologist brought him back to life and called me to ask if he could operate immediately; otherwise he did not believe my son would survive, as a large clot had formed in his heart.

He was in intensive care when I arrived the next day. For another three months I stayed by his hospital bed daily. I was at the hospital when I was told he had had a stroke on the left side from the brain bleed. He was paralyzed on that side.

My son is handicapped for the rest of his life, living on half the income he had from working at Disney, trying to pay his mortgage and all expenses and each month he comes up short.

So I say to all legislators and Free Staters: Beware of the drugs you want freely approved.



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Although your situation is tragic, and any human sympathizes, your conclusion is basically flawed, as can be pointed out with just a few simple questions: Isn't marijuana now illegal? Did that help in your situation? That should be enough, but there are many other assumptions that you made that are just wrong. Was marijuana responsible for the accident? Are you saying that every person that runs a stop sign is under the influence of marijuana? Or every person that speeds? Had the at fault driver consumed coffee prior to the accident? Why not blame it on caffeine, then? Some further things to consider: Should the fact that this one person may have misused this substance result in infringing upon the rights of responsible users? You would advocate for making alcohol illegal again, right? Everybody that has a beer in their refrigerator should have their door kicked in and a gun held to their head, incarcerated, lose their job, because there was a drunk driving accident? How about the parent that abuses their child with a belt? Would you make belts illegal? Or is abusing a child being illegal the proper solution? Hasn't marijuana been illegal for 86 years now? Has that stopped its use? Proposing the continuation of failed, expensive, destructive, policies, based on simplistic and false assumptions is what has led us to where we are today. Marijuana prohibition only prohibits our control of it. It doesn't eliminate use. It eliminates society's ability to control who sells it, to whom, where, and when. That's all. If prohibition worked, after spending more than 2 trillion dollars over the last 8 decades, use should have declined, at least a little bit, don't you think? Do you really want us to believe that fewer people use marijuana today than did in 1937 when the first federal regulation was passed? Try to think with your head, not your heart. Prohibition did nothing to help you.

What drug was the driver using—was it alcohol? When we regulate something we do NOT automatically condone it's use; the regulations concerning alcohol and tobacco are there to protect us from the vast increase in criminality that would otherwise exist if these substances were prohibited. A regulated and licensed distribution network for all mind altering substances would put responsible adult supervision in between children and premature access to drug distribution outlets (illegal street dealers). Regulated and licensed distribution would reflect and respect society's values, thus preventing children obtaining easy access to these substances. What we need is legalized regulation. What we have now, due to prohibition, is a non-regulated black market to which everybody has access and where all the profits go to organized crime and terrorists.

So, Mayor Bloomberg thinks that people are not responsible enough to make a decision as to what size soft drink is good (or not good for them) so the government is going to decide that you can't order more than a 16 ounce soft drink, yet you count on "responsible adult supervision" for something like this. Progressives can't have it both ways. The "black market" for pot is not like the black market for alcohol during prohibition. The issue is that we need stronger laws and penalties, so that people think twice before using and dealing. Mind altering drugs are not benign to anyone and exactly how does that respect society's values?

Nice letter Harriet and I feel for you and your son. It could happen anywhere and at any time. Pot is just as deadly as alcohol and many sources claim that driving while high can be even more deadly. The truth be told, pot heads want it legalized because they can't get through the world of reality on a daily basis. You very seldom hear anything about the smoke and the havoc that wreaks on the lungs, you seldom hear about the dumbing down effects of pot. Using the lame excuse of using pot as a pain remedy for those in chronic pain may be valid but it is an excuse to legalize it and get high for many folks, hoping that it is going to be totally legalized. Good Letter!

You don't hear a lot about the negative effects on the lungs, because they don't exist. A simple google search of "UCLA marijuana lung function" will send you to the largest, longest term, AMA published, study done on the issue, completed in 2012. 5,000+ users, with 20+ years of use. The reactions of the doctors are quite enlightening. No effects, other than INCREASED lung function. Not what they expected at all. Dumbing down effects? Like Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Carl Sagan, Steven King, those dummies? For somebody with a name of "it'sarepublic", you should understand what the constitution says, at least. It enumerates the powers of the government, and the last of the bill of rights, the 10th amendment, states that any power not enumerated is not a power of the federal government. Did you see a mention of marijuana laws in the constitution? Marijuana existed in 1700's America, so why not? Have you ever wondered why it took an amendment to ban the production and sales of alcohol? And that alcohol use was never banned? And that production and sales of alcohol for sacramental and medicinal uses was always exempted? What changed with our "republic" between the end of the Volstead act, and the Marihuana Tax Act? Or the Controlled Substances Act? Not only is marijuana prohibition ineffective, there is no basis for it in our republic. Our government is not intended to keep citizens from choosing activities that some consider "deadly". Motorcycle riding is legal, would you care to claim that marijuana kills more people than die on motorcycles every year? Why aren't motorcycles illegal then? Our government is supposed to be about freedom, not keeping us safe from everything that may pose a risk.

Really? 20+ years of use increased lung function? Wow...

Lol, good point GWTW. Imagine, all smoke, wood smoke, smog, cigarette smoke is known to reduce lung function and cause disease but this one miraculous source of smoke INCREASES lung function. These pot heads will say or do anything to get high. Good post GWTW.

So, ITsa. you have proof for your statement that pot is just as deadly as alcohol?? Really?? Maybe you could show us where it is?? Otherwise, you are just making unsupported statements !!

Well Wally, it is more dangerous and honestly it impacts different people in different ways. Here, I don't want to rain on your "let's get high" parade but here is a link that will explain it all to you:

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