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Letter: Stay home, Congress

To Congress: Please take the next 50 weeks off, too. It does not seem to make a difference – maybe one less dedicated post office or fewer dedications to their favorite teachers. What a joke. Stay home. What a sad statement on our leaders. Guns? Don’t get me started.



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How is that democrat Obama Economy working for ya? - massive regulations coupled with massive executive orders and their printing of Monopoly money has doomed you and your family for generations....democrats talk a good talk but they have not even proposed a solution much less enacted one.

Sure Mike . . . because who needs teachers anyway . . . ? ? ?

when a student is ready to learn the right teacher always appears...for all the rest ........teachers are nothing more than expensive day care

In reality, the Congress was never meant to be a perpetual "lawmaking" body and it was never meant to pander to special interests and every group that considers themselves victims! Government was never meant to provide womb to tomb nanny state benefits. If Congress is gridlocked, I see that as a positive.

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