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Letter: Mixed messages

For the better part of a week, the Monitor has published articles and letters on the consequences of alcohol abuse, yet on Friday the Local & State section touted a so-called “Boozy benefit” fundraiser. Am I the only one who finds the newspaper’s stance regarding alcohol use a bit ambiguous? If so, let me know and I’ll go into seclusion somewhere.



Legacy Comments2

Yup ITSA, the folks are use to the media taking a liberal stance on everything. Thats what most of the media does. Been a very long time since any of us have actually watch a news show that just reported the news with their opinion attached to it.

The news is the news and their coverage of alcohol abuse is important and newsworthy. The "Boozy Benefit" fundraiser is also newsworthy. Newspapers, contrary to reader expectations are not there to take a stance and make a stand on social issues, they are there to report the news, good or bad.

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