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Letter: Cruel and unfair

Re “Coach charged in assault on ex” (Monitor front page, April 2):

I want to register my disgust at the Monitor’s choice to publish this story and my even larger disgust in the writer’s choice of content.

I know Amanda Bacher, and she is an amazing person. She helps coach special-needs children on Concord’s Unified leagues and has been a respected member of the Concord High School community for years. The way she was portrayed in this article was not only unfair but also downright cruel. No one knows the truth, and it is not for the Monitor to judge her in the court of public opinion.

The writer chose to bring Bacher’s childhood issues with former teacher Patricia Hardman into this article. Bacher was only 17 at the time. Why that had any place in this article is beyond me. She was taken advantage of as a high school student, and that has no bearing on what is happening now.

The Monitor made a choice to publish a story worthy of the police log, print it on the front-page above the fold, and run a good person’s name through the muck to sell subscriptions.



Legacy Comments1

"No one knows the truth..." My guess is that the "truth" is even more disturbing than what appeared in the article.

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