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Letter: Life is precious

Re “Holocaust, abortion are two very different things” (Monitor Opinion page, March 27): May we remember the life that Christ gave so we who accept his sacrifice on the cross may have peace. May we also remember life is precious, and abortion is not giving life. May we celebrate the cross with eternal life as churches teach and choose a better decision for the unborn.



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We are discussing abortion because the left does not want to deal with important issues like the economy. jobs, our schools declining, and the fact that more and more folks are on entitlement programs. That is what they do. They focus on social issues, because if they look at the real issues, they have no defense of why the left is still spending, why they are dividing us, and why they are out to kill the US economy.

(Reuters) - Kansas is set to enact one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation which defines life as beginning "at fertilization" and imposes a host of new regulations......4/6/13.................. Riiiiiiiiight, Republicones can't find the exit sign in the OB/GYN office.

Just as you feel that the government has no business in anyone's bedroom I feel as if the government has no business in my home whatsoever. I also feel that the government has no business telling me which light bulb to use, how many gallons my toilet should flush or what is correct speech. Nor do I feel that the government has the right to tell me how high the railing needs to be on my porch or deck. People who rail against interference with abortion usually don't mind other government intrusions.

2013 and we're still fighting about abortion, something that's settled law that's in the constitution and settled in 1974 with Roe v Wade. Stop beating a dead horse folks as it won't get back up....

No Jon.."Shall not be infringed" is in the constitution. Roe v Wade is a court decision as is Citizens United.

So when SCOTUS heard and made the decision they weren't basing it on the constitution? Humm... what was the decision based on GWTW? Just curious...

Same thing as citizens united was??

Republicans need to stay out of the OB/GYN office. And especially out of the examination room. As the Gynecologist said to her patient "I see the problem! You've got Republicans in your vagina!" And keep the Magical, Mystical, Medieval Book of Fairy Tails out off the office as well........... I am personally tired of the Republican Taliban. Continue it and you become the 'Whig' party of the 21st Century....................... Driver &Charlie with Duke clean and sleeping.

Itsa it was your Republican party chairman and the governor of LA and,Jeb Bush among others that said that is how your party is known as the scary party. Anti abortion, anti gay, anti immigrant, anti woman, anti science, anti poor, but you are pro tax cuts for the rich. So it is not negativity.

Anti, legal and "rare". Anti gay...Look who supported Prop 8. Anti immigrant..anti illegal entry. Anti woman..Sarah Palin. Anti science...Can you say Monsanto without going into convulsions? Anti poor...Of course. Everyone should be. Are you pro poor?

Hey gone with the wind, talk to Reince Philbust ( or whatever his name is) if you don't like the names your party is being called. Him and Karl Rove started it. If it quacks like a duck probably is Rush Limbaugh. And I don't think anyone even Fox points to Palin as a someone to be proud of. There are no, absolutely no, Republicans who are prochoice. Safe, rare or any other way. Look around you at what the Republican state legislatures are doing. Who booed the gay soldier in the Republican primary? Look at Bill O'Brien. That is the Republican Legacy. If you are so uniformed not to know what anti poor means, I will explain it. Paul Ryan's budget that guts medicare, food stamps, medicare,head start all to give tax breaks to people like Romney. And Monsanto, that is your answer for science. Thats it. Have a nice weekend.

I love your reply. But one thing stands out. "Who booed the gay soldier in the Republican primary?" I'll answer that. It was the same people that spit on Congressional black congressman Emanuel Cleaver, and interestingly enough, the same people called him the N word. No one bood a gay soldier...his question however, apparently was not popular with 2 people.

I don't like abortion but since people like Itsa are so against it they should never have one. Also maybe if people like him and O'Brien weren't so anti conception there were be fewer of them.

I always love it when folks make statements and then do not back them up. The latest Liberal tatic is to do ne liners, insult, and avoid any sane debate about a topic. It is called denial folks.

Wikipedia? You are kidding!

BTW..what does everyone think of the Gosnell trial???

GWTW nobody will discuss that trial. They cannot. What was done is so horrific, that the left does not want to discuss it. Discussing that trial would force them to discuss it. They have no excuses for botched up abortions, so they will stay silent.

Live begins with life, and ends for 20 children on a December day. Doesn't count, I guess, only a fetus counts as life for some people. After he is born, who cares what happens to him.

53,000,000 fetuses aborted since 1973, a damning commentary on the morality of our society.

Why not a hundred million if you are going to throw figures out. Where did you get that amount and please don't give me some rightwing blog or antiscience web site.

Source, Wikipedia: "According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, roughly 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States"

Tillie, don't bother. You'll get sucked into trying to have rational discourse with some people to whom rationality is an alien concept. You know what they say about teaching a pig to sing? It never works, and it angers the pig.

"only a fetus counts as life for some people." Name one.

The conservatives in Kansas, The conservatives in North Dakota, The signers of the 2012 Republican National Platform, Shall I go on??

Please do. You sound more foolish with every word.

Wow that is a hard one. Lets see, Bill O'Brien or any rightwing Rep that doesn't believe in sensible gun control, or help for the poor. Actually like gsec92 says almost any Republ these days. The anti-everything party. I hear NC is going through what we did for two years. Trying to set up a state religion. Even O'Brien didn't try that, maybe not enough time.

"the anti everything party" as opposed to what, "the anything goes party", including our rights in the name of 'social justice'?

Bill Obrien has been married for 37 years and has 3 children. Normal thinking people would say you are way off base.

Gracchus: With all due respect, I suggest your lack of knowledge should be ample to terminate any further discussions about the " LIFE " presented by M. May.

Too fast--Amen to you M May ! Others : call it what you will and ( in some cases) keep BS- ing yourself. Concentrate on this thought ( take a week to do so ) : LIFE BEGINS WITH LIFE.

Amen to you M. May !

"...celebrate the cross with eternal life...." What a complete contradiction in terms. It brings to mind Lenny Bruce's comment that if Jesus were put to death in the 1950's Catholic girls would wear little electric chairs on their necklaces.

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