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Letter: Coach is committed to her hometown

Re “Coach charged in assault on ex” (Monitor front page, April 3):

The most important thing the Monitor had to offer on April 3 was taking a whack at a wonderful person’s reputation? And when you couldn’t come up with enough new juicy details, you had to dig up old injuries and throw some salt in the wound?

Amanda Bacher does not deserve this from her hometown paper. Born and raised in Concord, she demonstrates her commitment to her hometown over and over.

At the very least, you might have mentioned how she has been a faithful coach who promotes important values about how to live your life in addition to teaching athletic skills. Or you could have pointed out that she has been an integral reason why the unified athletic teams at Concord High are flourishing. If you had done some real investigative work, you would have discovered that Bacher has earned the trust of people all over this city who hire her to take loving care of their homes and animals.

We fully trust Bacher and completely believe in her. We trust her with our home, our child and our pets. We hope you will run another story, exposing the name and occupation of her ex, when the truth comes out. You have this story backward.

The Monitor has a responsibility to manage the news in a way that educates the public about important issues. This wasn’t one of them.



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