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Letter: Icebergs are already melting, sea levels are already rising

I agree with Shirley Dorrington (“He’s kidding, right,” Monitor letter, April 3) that regulation is needed to make our democracy function well.

However, she says, “When the shorelines and icebergs begin disappearing . . .,” which is highly misleading because the icebergs have been melting, and sea levels along the Atlantic coast are rising. According to the latest issue of Catalyst magazine, published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the sea north of Miami has risen 8 inches. The city of Hallendale, Fla., has had to spend $10 million to drill new wells for water, because saltwater has invaded six of its existing wells.

Catalyst also reports that along the coast of the northeastern United States sea levels have risen three to four times faster than the global average. While this is occurring, and while weather events become noticeably more extreme, our federal legislators continue to deny the reality agreed to by the vast majority of scientists: Man-made carbon pollution is changing the climate for the worse. We need to urge our representatives and senators to support effective action on climate change.

Our neighbor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has cosponsored a bill that would establish a carbon tax. This would reduce budget deficits at the same time as it would protect us from the most severe consequences of carbon pollution. This initiative deserves our support and that of our representatives in Washington.



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