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Letter: Better publicity for New Hampshire police chiefs

The recent news regarding the New London police chief and his alleged attempt to secure nude photos of a young woman generated news coverage across the nation. Negative news about New Hampshire police chiefs of is never a good thing, and the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police still has time to prevent an encore of national negative press by accepting the sensible offer of an alternative to its upcoming gun raffle.

May 1 is the day the chiefs begin awarding assault- and combat-style weapons as prizes in their “Gun A Day in the Month of May” raffle. The raffle was created to raise money to support the New Hampshire Police Cadet Training Academy. WNHN radio in Concord has offered to raise matching funds to buy back the raffle tickets and prevent 31 more guns from entering the communities. The chiefs have not responded to this win/win offer which supports the cadet academy, the chiefs and community relations. Perhaps the New London chief’s poor judgment will serve as a wake-up call and the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police Association will accept the offer and restore our trust in our public servants.


Eureka, Calif.

Legacy Comments1

Keep your California anti gun opinions in California. You're using logic connecting blackmail to an antigun stance. What really irks me most of all though, is that if the former chief were anyone else, charges would be brought forth. But no, because he was a cop, we'll let it go this time. The good 'ol boys double standard.

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