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Letter: Be bold, Sen. Ayotte

To Sen. Kelly Ayotte: There is an important vote coming to the Senate regarding common-sense limitations on gun violence.

No society can function without limitations to protect us from each other. We agree to traffic lights to protect us from our 250-horsepower vehicles. We must protect each other from 30-round magazines on guns. We have to prove who we are when we register our cars.

We need the same kind of common-sense background check when we purchase and register a gun.

The minority conversation has set the unlimited freedom for a few vocal gun owners and their gun industry spokesman in opposition to the safety of all human beings. To choose the former is to fall into a position of moral turpitude – a gross disregard of moral standards expected of a human being.

Newtown, Conn., is part of our neighborhood. We cannot allow ourselves to become separated from the shared pain in the gunning down of 20 6-year-old and their teachers.

Senator, you have a unique opportunity to do the right thing. You can be a leader, step out of the protective shadows and take a risk. That is what leaders do. Former congresswman Gabby Giffords, a survivor of a mass shooting, said this to all who govern, “Be bold! Be courageous!”

Senator, you can set yourself apart on strong humanitarian and moral ground by voting in favor of common-sense gun limitations.

The Newtown families deserve a vote on the Senate floor.



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A senator has but one task. Uphold the Constitution. Thats it.

Grudgingly, I admit Obama is a fascinating study in pathology. This is NOTHING to do with guns and everything to do with never letting a crisis go without more govt control.....proof that Obama does not care 1 time in his past has he ever ever proposed gun legislation......matter of fact he still hasn't

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