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Letter: I’m with Ayotte

I believe strongly that law-abiding citizens have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. So does Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Once again, gun control measures are at the forefront of a national debate. It’s a discussion we shouldn’t be afraid to have. That’s why I applaud Ayotte for voting to move forward with the debate in the U.S. Senate.

Let’s have that conversation. Let’s have a discussion about why the Second Amendment is one of our basic civil rights. Let’s talk about the real issues at the core of recent horrific mass killings. Let’s talk about the violence in our society and, more specifically, the violence perpetrated by mentally deranged people bent on homicide.

As a former prosecutor, Ayotte knows that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. It is why she is the co-sponsor of several measures aimed at dealing with mental illness in a proactive way. It is why she favors more prosecution of those who violate existing laws.

She will not support banning a list of particular rifles simply because they meet some arbitrary description, or they look scary. She will not support ineffective measures that simply make some people feel good. We had a ban on certain types of rifles once. It accomplished nothing.

Most important, though, I am confident that Ayotte will not support measures that infringe on a fundamental constitutional right.



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According to a report published by the National Institute of Justice dated 1/4/2013, universal background checks will need a reduction in straw purchasers, mandatory ammunition logs, mandatory gun registration and an easing of the currently onerous gun transfer process. None of these conditions were included in the defeated Manchin-Toomey bill. BTW, this same report states that a ban on assault weapons will have a negligible impact on gun violence because of the few crimes, and even fewer homicides, committed with these weapons. Don't argue with me. Your argument is with Mr Obama's Justice Department

Betablocker...the mentally ill child in Conn. did not legally own those guns. His mother bought them and Conn. has an assault weapons ban, so so much for gun control. Funny everyone is quick to blame the gun btu the real issue in Sandy Hook, Colorado and Virginia is mental health, all of those shootings could have been prevented if the kids had gotten the help they deserve and if the cops had done there jobs....20,000 people were stopped from buying a gun because they failed a background check, NONE were prosecuted.......If gun control worked Chicago would be a great place to live..........Thank You Sen. Ayotte for having common sense.

I was going to point that out...but then I figured it was just snark. No one could be that ill informed.

good law has never been made as a result of political opportunism. Obama has become famous for the philosophy of "never letting a crisis go to waste".......I challenge any reader to tell us where Obama has previously proposed any law on Guns......there in lies your answer as to why Obama is regarded as a complete failure

Kelly Ayotte is a fraud, there is nothing in any of the gun laws or measures that has been proposed in response to the murder of the 20 children by the Gun Nut, that infringes on anyone's 2nd Admendment rights and to say otherwise is an outright lie.

Greg, glad to see you support law abiding gun owners with rifles that appear scary. You are a patriot. Oh, that's right, the young man that killed 26 people at Sandy Hook legally owned those weapons, didn't he? And his law abiding mother. You must be proud.

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