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Letter: Opportunity for Ayotte

Re: “Changing climate is baking moose to death” (Sunday Monitor Viewpoints, April 14) and “Will tar sands oil flow through New Hampshire?” (Sunday Monitor editorial, April 14):

I hope Sen. Kelly Ayotte has a chance to read these articles. Ayotte has the unique opportunity to cement herself in history as a courageous politician who bucked the trend of her party by declaring that Congress must address climate change in the name of protecting life.

Instead of dirty tar sands oil, why not embrace renewable energy by passing the Climate Protection Act of 2013, recently introduced by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer, which would encourage private-sector investment in clean power by placing a gradually rising fee on carbon emissions? By joining with Sanders and Boxer to fight for the passage of this legislation, Ayotte would earn the permanent admiration of those on both sides of the aisle who recognize that climate change is a problem that impacts all of us.


Brockton, Mass.

Legacy Comments2

following the lead of Sanders - a devout self declared Socialist - is not the NH way......the left coast elite liberalism of Boxer is also a political ideology that does not meld with the thinking of true NH citizens

Don't hold your breath! Kelly Ayotte is anything but a couragous politician.....she's just a politician that follows what the special interest tell her to do, such as the Wayne LaPierre's of the world!

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