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Letter: Craven pandering

In your story about U.S. Kelly Ayotte’s craven pandering to the gun lobby in regards to her vote against expanded background checks (“Ayotte helps kill guns bill,” Monitor front page, April 18), you neglected to mention that she also voted “nay” on amendment 713, deterring firearms trafficking; amendment 711, regulating assault weapons; and amendment 714, regulating large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

She also explained to a constituent from Portsmouth, at her weekly Thursday morning “Coffee with Kelly” meet-up, that her reason for voting against the background checks is that she felt it places too much of a burden on gun sellers. Apparently the senator believes it is more burdensome to fill out forms than to plan the funeral of a 6-year-old child.



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The Obama Record: 15,000 caught by existing laws on gun checks .....Obama has prosecuted a total of ....44...... that is the Obama record on gun control

It’s truly sad to see these writers puking their venom out at Sen. Ayotte all because she had the intelligence and judgment to understand a 100 new gun laws will be as effective as the last thousand gun laws. I don’t understand why these writers think that repeating what hasn't worked will somehow improve safety in our society. Why do they think that a law-abiding citizen with a weapon is more of a dangerous to them than bombers, assailants, rapists, and murderers. I believe that if these writers were serious about a safer society, they would mount a grassroots efforts to curtail violence programming by Hollywood and the computer game makers. I read so often the politically programmed mantra, “common sense gun laws”. Common sense would dictate not repeating what hasn't worked.There is much we can do but repeating failure is not common sense.

Again I say...almost a week after the Boston bombings...its Senator Ayotte that the left is outraged with. Letter after letter about Ayotte..and not the Muslim terrorists that blew peoples legs off. Who is surprised?

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