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Letter: Reckless vote

New Hampshire is a state in which people actually try to understand issues and will not be demagogued for long. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s phony declaration that the compromise bill on background checks would lead to a gun registry, when it specifically forbids one, is a good example of the sort of lie, as the president described this assertion, that we reject in politicians.

The record of the state demonstrates we recognize moderate good sense.

We know the difference between a law that simply makes it harder for bad or damaged people to buy guns and laws that infringe on the Second Amendment. The two are quite different.

By siding recklessly with the gun lobby, Ayotte has proven herself inappropriate to represent New Hampshire.



Legacy Comments1

David, did Ayote have all the votes? Not Senate is is held by Democrats! Yea! The Second Amendment stands for another day!!!!

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