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Letter: Why so surprised?

Why are so many people surprised at U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s behavior of pursuing her ambition rather than doing the right thing, which would be to reflect the constituents she represents or to think for herself?

During her election campaign, evidence of emails was made public that she was corresponding, while attorney general, with at least one of her political consultants about her thinking and decision-making regarding Michael Addison’s homicide case, including her thoughts of pursuing the death penalty for him. She is an empty shell, and I hope our collective memories stay intact when she runs again.



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gun control does not even make it into the TOP 10 issues for the American voters. #1 - Economy, #2 - Unemployment....didn't the democrats promise to "focus like a laser on jobs"....yet they spend their time on guns and immigration

Much like the Republicans before them who decided that Defence of Marriage and Voter ID legislation was more important in 2010 than their mandate to improve the economy and unemployment.

defense of marriage act was passed eons ago and voter ID is a states issue - nice try

100% WRONG. The economy is improving, unemployment is down and people want their children to be safe from armed lunatics. I'd say an effective gun registration system is Number 1 now. Not the joke of a system we call gun registration today. Sure people fill out a form stating they are not criminals or crazy by checking no to a box. Then to add insult to injury this information is legally forced to not be computerized. Thank you NRA. So time to wake up and get with today's priorities. Oh and just a fact check for you - the GOP is practically jumping thru hoops to gain the immigrant vote that spelled their doom last election. So don't put this issue on the democrats. But alas, when have facts ever been important.

Link please for top 10 issues for American voters.

the percentage of people employed is at a 30 year low and a certain type of voter thinks unemployment is great - go figure.....6 trillion IN ADDITIONAL DEMOCRAT DEBT AND THEY THINK THE ECONOMY IS BOOMING - GO FIGURE

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