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Letter: Tax dollars, well spent

As I watched on TV as federal, state and local law enforcement organizations tightened the noose around the Boston Marathon bombers until one was dead and the other captured, I couldn’t help wondering what was going on in the heads of those who want to shrink government down to a size that can be drowned in a bathtub.

I was thinking, that’s our well-spent tax dollars at work.



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Scan the Internet and see how many law enforcement jobs have been lost primarily due to budget cuts in the last couple of years. I don't blame followers of Grover Norquist for all those reductions, and perhaps some were needed, but I do object to the philosophy that almost all government is bad, and I resent any elected official signing a pledge to Norquist, as many have. I accept the fact that you don't belong in that camp.

This was intended as a reply to RabbitNH

Thanks for the clarity John. My dissatisfaction with govt is that they claim they need more employees, when the ones they have cannot do the jobs they are assigned already. And I see a lot of govt employees, local and state, that do one thing. They have been taught to only know one aspect of their job. The Boston Tragedy in my mind was a breakdown of many depts. Not the police by the way, who did an amazing job. CIA, FBI and our refugee and student visa programs are not working. Why set up Terror Lists if they are not enforced? My issue is security, who is coming into our country,and are the terrorists recruiting students, refugees etc to come here and plan attacks like this.

Well..I know what I am thinking. How can a person be on both the Terror Watch list and Welfare at the same time?

I've got a better question - how can someone on the terror watch list buy all the guns and explosives he wants?

It's a watch list, not a guilty list. If there were reasonable cause to prosecute any of them, I assume they would have been prosecuted. Why should an non-specific, un-prosecutable suspecion cause someone to be ineligible for state aid?

Your assumption that the so called folks who want to shrink govt are intent on making sure we do not have enough policemen, homeland security etc, is nothing more than using a tragedy to promote your political agenda It was not the right that was against more security after 9/11, it was the left. It is also not the right that is against background checks that include mental health records, it is the left like the ACLU. We also do not support dirty water, bad air and lousy schools by the way.

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