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Letter: We’re governed by elections, not polls

I could not believe the letter from Laurie Green in the April 21 Sunday Monitor, “Math lesson for Ayotte.” Green wrote: “I think Sen. Kelly Ayotte forgot how democracy works. . . . In a democracy, the majority wins.”

First and foremost, we are not a “democracy”; we are a constitutional republic, as the founders understood that in a pure democracy, a simple majority could absolutely dictate to the minority even if the difference was one person.

Green then tells us about a “poll” which may or may not be accurate that found 88 percent of New Hampshire residents support “expanded gun registration” – which is untrue because the polls I have read imply that a “majority” of Americans support “expanded background checks” to make sure that folks with mental illness and ex-criminals do not have access to guns.

Employing Green’s logic, Obamacare should never have passed, as 60-65 percent of those polled when it was being crafted were against it. We are governed through elections, not polls or populist ideology.

Former congressman Paul Hodes did not carry out the will of New Hampshire residents, and the decision was made at the voting booth that Ayotte was the better choice and she voted in the spirit of our republic, our Constitution.

Progressives are chagrined that they were not able to change the Second Amendment by fiat, rather than get two-thirds of the Congress and three-quarters of the states to go along. If their polls are accurate, they should have no hesitation or fear of following that process as prescribed by the Constitution. Pure democracy leads to anarchy.



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