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Letter: Ayotte’s ambition trumps her duties

How can Sen. Kelly Ayotte possibly say that she represents the interests of the citizens of New Hampshire when it was clear that the vast majority of those citizens (close to 90 percent) wanted her to support the expansion of background checks for gun purchases and she said “No”?

Close to 90 percent of the American public wanted that bill to pass but, in spite of that, it was defeated. There can be no clearer message to the American people that the U.S. Senate will fail us when interests vital to our security and well-being conflict with powerful vested interests such as the NRA and gun manufacturers. This is not only pathetic but truly frightening. It means our democratic system is failing.

I find it so interesting that the Republican Party that so loudly and consistently touts the wisdom of our forefathers totally fails to comprehend the danger of votes like these. Our forefathers fully understood the importance of compromise in preserving our democracy, a concept more and more foreign to this dysfunctional party.

Ayotte, as a young and new Republican member of the Senate, had a chance to help reinvigorate a party that has so clearly lost its way but, instead, consistently shows signs that her personal political ambition and desire for national attention trumps her duties to the citizens of this state.


New London

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