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Letter: Sexist cartoon

Re Mike Marland’s cartoon of an NRA man petting Sen. Kelly Ayotte and saying “good girl” (Monitor Opinion page, April 24):

This is a sexist cartoon, and it should not have been printed. I am no fan of Ayotte, nor do I support the cowards in the Senate who refuse to stand up to the powerful gun lobby, but this cartoon distracts from meaningful discussion of the issue. To depict Ayotte as a lap-dog is offensive. Marland drew her head positioned in the crotch of this pinstriped caricature sitting in his NRA throne and stroking her head and she paws at his thigh and eagerly wags her tail. This suggests a combination of subservience, sexuality and gender roles that is highly offensive. Would Marland have ever drawn this cartoon replacing Ayotte’s head with the head of a male senator? I don’t think so.

This cartoon taps into hostility toward Ayotte’s gender and attempts to tie that hostility to the issue of her political position on gun control. Ayotte is a public figure and I am all for challenging her for a vote that is against safety and for corporate gun sales, but this is not the way to do it.



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GET REAL! Sexist? Not even close. If a man was Senator and presented as a lap-dog servant of corporations and gun nuts, we wouldn't even notice. So let's grow up, kids. I thought the cartoon was splendid, absolutely splendid! She is a pathetic one-term right wing groupie. Marland is simply brilliant the way he uses caricature to rip politicians. So all you fake outrage nuts, left and right, GET REAL.! When a politician ignores the will of the people, they get what they deserve. And Ayotte is not just a tea party loon, she does legal "contortions" (oh, now that is sexist, too?) for the Tetley bag crowd. When considering the presidential use of drones, the wingnuts go crazy, insisting ALL CITIZENS have guaranteed constitutional rights. Now, things have changed because the perpetrator of the Boston bombing is a Muslim so this citizen, according to the war-lovers on the right, should be considered an enemy combatant! If the hamsters of the far right want to know why so many feel a ruthless contempt for them, just read the news.

Wow, what a bunch of dribble defending this cartoon. The CM would never hire any cartoonist that was not liberal. A cartoon that was anti liberal would have the folks on this forum go bonkers. After all, just look at how folks react to Grant Bosse.

I'm a woman. I don't see sexism here and to call it sexist is to miss true sexism, as when a state rep recently referred to all members of my gender as "vaginas." Replace the Senator with any of her male colleagues who voted as she did, make the dog male by removing the bow, and change the caption to "good boy" and it still works. Marland, stay! Good boy!

Apparently one can only be "sexist" if they have an "R" after their name. And one can only be a victim of sexism if they have a "D" . . .

Well, Hunter, it has been the conservatives, including dixiecrats, that fought every liberty movement I can think of. Bigotries of Race, gender, sexual orientation and religion have generally come from the conservative wings. The "R" used to mean the party of Lincoln. Nows it means ridiculous and reprehensible.

I too find this offensive. I would also find it offensive if it were Hillary Clinton . . . or Ann Coulter . . . or Nancy Pelosi . . . or Sarah Palin. Sexism is sexism. It doesn't matter whether the person has a "D" or an "R" after their name. Having said that, I totally understand Marland's motivation. If I worked in a dying industry where success depended on readership, I'd be printing every over-the-top cartoon I could come up with just to draw attention to me and my employer.

What Marland, no cartoon of Patten in an inappropropriate place? You are such a disgusting sexist

It is time the Monitor fired the Marland the misogynist. Placing Ayotte where he did is just unconscionable. Marland doesn't hesitate to use disgusting terms like Teabagger when he knows the correct term is teapartier. I have no idea why the Monitor keeps this Knuckle Dragging Neanderthal.

I am surprised EVERY woman reader is not screaming like a Banshee. I am sure they would be if the object of the insult was clinton nor rice. Really ladies?

"Would Marland have ever drawn this cartoon replacing Ayotte’s head with the head of a male senator?" Rather than speculate on Marland's intentions, consider an experiment. When Senator Ayotte runs for reelection, let's replace her with a progressive male Democrat. Then we can see how Marland treats him. Even though I am not a supporter of Kelly Ayotte, I am proud of New Hampshire's being I believe the first state with an all-woman congressional delegation.

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