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Letter: Official House clown

It appears we have a new candidate for House clown, a position recently vacated by former speaker Bill O’Brien. As if he didn’t do enough to make New Hampshire a laughing stock, along comes Rep. Stella Tremblay to up the ante with her conspiracy theory on the Boston marathon attack. Anyone with views this extreme should be resigning from the House and seeking psychiatric care. If that’s not enough, the front page of Wednesday’s Monitor had a lead story about yet another representative who’s been accused of stalking, and lower on the page, we have former representative Tony Soltani and his ongoing saga. Where will it end? Maybe it’s something in the water at the House.



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I used to say theres one in every legislature but I was wrong... today there are several...

Did you hear the one about the new corner office occupant who wants to balance the budget on money from a yet to be legalized activity? A real kneeslapper.

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