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Letter: Slow it down, Senator!

I can’t believe that a state senator, Jeff Woodburn, would admit to driving 75 mph on Interstate 93 and would drive faster if his old truck could do it (“Increase rural speed limit to 70 mph,” Monitor Forum, April 24). He knows the maximum legal speed is 65 mph. Because he makes the laws, does he feel he has super power to break them? If he would respect the law and slow down, he could see what a beautiful state we have. It would also let others enjoy the view and a relaxed ride.


New London

Legacy Comments1

Jeff's comment regarding his speeding makes sense IF he is planning to run for congress. You see in congress, passing laws that exempt members of congress is routine and in fact expected. When they wrote the law that allowed individuals to put themselves on the so-called "SO NOT Call List" to stop unwanted solicitation calls congress exempted their polling and solicitation calls. When they wrote Obama's health care law that they said was wonderful.. You guessed it, they exempted themselves. When they wrote the law that the president could only run for two terms, they of course placed no limit on the number of terms they could run for. There are many more laws they write that don't affect them. So Jeff was just following their example to practice so one day if he seeks a congressional seat, and actually wins, he will already have experience in how things are done in Washington.

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