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Letter: Rents are too high

Why are there so many homeless people? Look at the rent prices!

Not too long ago you could look in the Concord Monitor and find a reasonable price for a one-bedroom apartment and live a decent life. Let’s speed up 10 years. If you look now, some one-bedroom apartments are as high as $900 a month. Are you serious? How do you expect people to live, especially in this economy? I understand land tax, but this is getting crazy!



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Mr. Cramer - You live in state that derives its revenue from "property tax". My tax bill is about $700 a month for my house. Even if the house is paid off in full I still owe the $700 a month in retirement (and growing every year). How can a property owner rent an apartment or house at a reasonable rent when most just goes for taxes and then you have the mortgage note to pay and up keep. If you are a person that likes property tax then you should be for taxing all the property and everyone pays tax on the value of the property they own. We have "Current Use" in NH that exempts over 50% of the property in the entire state. Bring the other half of the state into the tax base and see what happens to the rate/thousand. Large landowners that do not want to pay their full share are fine with small house lot owners or rental property owners paying more so they pay less. Thus, the higher rents.

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