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Letter: Right on

Re “Ayotte as lapdog. Sexist?” (Monitor Opinion page, April 27):

As a woman, I do not find Mike Marland’s lapdog cartoon to be sexist or sexual. As a citizen, mindful of the words and actions of Sen. Kelly Ayotte, I find it to be right on.



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Let's remember that Mike Marland is the cartoonist who published Bush crashing a jet into the twin towers. Now, when people posted links to Bush and a chimpanzee, likening him to a primate, no progressives complained. When people posted links of Michelle Obama, likening her to a gorilla, there were cries of "racism" and progressives had a cow. However, the bottom line is that newspapers and the press have double standards. Progressives operate on double standards as well and they constantly make excuses for it.

Janice, All this negativity for Sen. Ayotte and none for the Dem. senators who voted like she did. This is not about public safety but looks rather like pure partisan politics.

Double standard. As long as it is a liberal extremist attacking a Republican Woman it is perfectly fine. But if it was the other way around. Scream blood murder.

I have no opinion of the cartoon, except to say the poor taste doesn't surprise me. The issue addressed in the cartoon however, is far more interesting to me. As a gun owner and firm believer in the 2A, I support more stringent background checks in general. Who would doubt that Ayotte, our former top cop, is well aware of gun laws, background checks, and what is and is not achieved by them? In my opinion, both sides should sit down together, and to start with we ought to rip up the figurative book of gun laws and regulations. Start over again from scratch. The laws we have that actually make sense and can be shown to do or prevent something meaningful, by all means we can keep them. But the truth is, there are a lot of laws that are rather pointless, or victimize the law-abiding and do nothing to stop criminals. If we are ever to have any hope of solving our mass-murder issue, both sides need to understand their respective, traditional stances and views will not stop these nut cases from their actions.

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