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Letter: Loved it!

I absolutely loved Mike Marland’s cartoon depicting Sen. Kelly Ayotte as National Rifle Association spokesman Wayne LaPierre’s lapdog. It was right on. I understand that a majority of New Hampshire folks want to see more thorough background checks on would-be purchasers of firearms. And Ayotte has told us clearly whom she represents: the NRA and not New Hampshire.

Letter-writer Jonathan Cohen described Ayotte’s head as “positioned in the crotch of this pinstriped caricature” It appears to me as though her face is near his knee.



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The statement about background checks as isolated issue may be true. Fortunately Sen. Ayotte and most of her constituents were wise enough to look beyond the cover of the book and saw a proposal criminals wouldn't pay any attention to, like they haven’t paid attention to the last laws or the next law. So would does this proposal affect? The people who don’t commit crimes to begin with! What about that makes any sense? Who is telling you that a law-abiding citizen with a weapon is more of a danger to you and assailants, rapists and murderers? And why would they try to get you to believe that? On Obamacare, Pelose sated, "You have to pass the law to see what's inside" and now look at what we have. Sen. Ayotte is bright and capable enough to look beyond the title page. We need more like her.

Look at that we found someone who loves this trash. Marland the Misogynst must be elated that someone else likes his creepy hyper-partisan sense of humor.

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