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Letter: Lawmakers must focus on the middle class

I am a retired teacher, by choice. I’ve had a wonderful career, but when the opportunity came up in my school district to retire a year or two early, my family and I decided it was the right choice.

Unfortunately, I have met many people in my age bracket who are in a wholly different situation. Instead of having the freedom to make these choices, their situations and economic circumstances have left them looking for work at a time and age when job interviews and hiring are harder to come by. Some of this fallout has come from the loss of investments during the last few years of national strife; others had faced premature retirement when budget cuts cost them jobs – leaving them vulnerable on the job market today.

I’m concerned that without deep investment in these individuals and the middle class as a whole that our country will continue to struggle. Our focus on bloated Pentagon spending or our continued dependence on foreign oil makes it increasingly harder to focus on domestic priorities and create a stronger, cleaner economy here at home. More locally, the incredible attacks on workers from last session’s Legislature and the deep cuts to essential services for the elderly and most vulnerable – which cut jobs in addition to services – has hurt our state.

Our members of Congress and our state legislators need to rethink priorities in the next round of budgeting, and help America’s middle class get back on its feet.



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Jeez...hasn't Congress done enough to hurt the middle class already? And after really putting the hurt on us with Obamacare, the Obama regime is now focused on the real problems affecting the, immigration and gay marriage.

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