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Letter: Question for Ayotte

So Sen. Kelly Ayotte says she didn’t vote for the bill to expand background checks due to the “burden to owners of gun stores that these expanded background checks would cause.” Let me ask you something, Senator, who do you represent? The gun shop owners and the NRA? Or the people of New Hampshire, the majority of whom support this bill?



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That is what this adminstration wants you to do, focus on the Koch Brothers. That way, you ignore Soros, his 11 billion in profits he got from advising President Obama where to invest the stimulus, so he could make a profit. I believe that is called insider trading. But that is okay with the lefties. Soros is the guy pulling the strings in the White House, and this admistrationn is hoping that uninformed folks will not notice. I suggest you check out Soros, how many times he has been caught and fined for doing things that are illegal in other countries.

Probably neither to both questions - A fraction of the Koch brother's GOP tax cuts support Norquist pledge signers like Ayotte, plus the NRA, the Tea Party, ALEC, the Claude R. Lamb Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, Crossroads, the Joshia Bartlet Center, the John Birch Society, and on and on. They all return the favor by riling up and duping single issue air head morons into voting for GOP candidates who will protect or increase tax cuts for the Kochs. My guestimate is that the Kochs receive the equivalent of about $5 million dollars per day ($1.8 billion per year) in ongoing Reagan tax cuts alone, if just half of their $12 billion wealth increase last year resulted in taxable income at the top rate of 39.6%, vs. the 69.125% rate prior to the Reagan/GOP tax cut entitlement giveaway that continues to be borrowed from our children, Social Security, and China.

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